Providing aquarium services to businesses and private aquarium owners throughout Cornwall.

We specialise in aquarium maintenance, rentals, installation, bespoke aquarium services and aquascaping. With many more services available, our aim is to help you enjoy fishkeeping to the fullest.

Specialising in aquarium maintenance

Our team of professional aquarists care for over 60 aquariums in Cornwall. This is a testament to our skill as aquarium maintenance specialists in both freshwater and saltwater fishkeeping.


Satisfied customers

Days per year

Years experience


Enjoy a fully serviced aquarium in your own home or business for a flat monthly fee.


Specialising in aquarium maintenance but many other services are available.


We carry the most asked for products on our vans but can order anything you require.

Punchbowl & Ladle

“Lou has been maintaining our tank for 3-4 years – always provides a fantastic service at reasonable rates. There’s not a lot about keeping a reef aquarium that she doesn’t know!”

Graham Hill, Landlord of Punchbowl & Ladle

Asha Restaurant

“Cornwall Aquarium Services maintain our aquarium and it’s ‘a hit’ with our customers!”

‘Islam’, Owner of Asha Restaurant

Autospray Body Repairs Cornwall

“Cornwall Aquarium Services have been professionally maintaining our marine tank for many years, Lou’s knowledge and expertise is immense. All of our customers comment on how beautiful and mesmerising our aquarium is, so a big thank you CAS for all your hard work!”

Dave Boulton, Owner Autospray Body Repairs